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From QuikPro Equipment Services, Edmonton, Alberta

Fujitsu Laptop disk

This hard drive was already in other data recovery company in Ottawa; they tried rewriting the modules, even using new controller hot-swap but were unsuccessful. Only one head was able to be activated.


After recovery:

Thank you for another successfully recovered job. You guys ARE incredible!

From Ferris TX USA

Western Digital disk



After recovery:

I received the spare drive with recovered data and randomly checked many files. So far no problems with recovered data were detected. Please keep in the lab my original drive in case I find some corrupt files for extra recovery attempts if needed. Best Regards to best recovery Team!

From National Tropical Botanical Garden Chipper W. Kalaheo, Hawaii United States

Toshiba MK5056GSY HDD2E61 500Gb external mobile disk

Unable to access the drive. Drive was working fine until the USB cable was accidentally removed while it was writing data to the disk. When you plug the cable in now it powers up but does not appear to have a FAT on it anymore. It asked you to format the disk. The recovery attempts include:
- Tried hooking it up via a different disk controller.
- Tried mounting using a Linux Mount command.
- Tried a raw disk dump using DD


After recovery:

Thank you for the data recovery operation you performed on my external hard drive. Thank you for the prompt and excellent service.

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When You are in Need for a Professional Data Recovery Service

Loosing data is always happening unpredictable in the least expected time, if there were such term as an expected time to loose your data. The frustration of the thought you might not see your precious files again is terrifying. In most cases the first step after the computer fails and/or data becomes inaccessible is to call or visit a computer technician/repair man.


Stop! Besides, it’s the most common mistake it’s also a very risky step for your valuable data remaining intact. Data recovery process is very unique and complex and mostly there are no cases alike, for what we have learned from our professional experience that no computer shop has neither an ability, nor equipment to do it right. Unnecessary to say that operating on the failed hard drive can cause irreversible damages, leading to permanent data loss.


The maximum action taking by a regular, but decent computer specialist on your faulty hard drive is no more than to remove a hard drive from a machine and advise to take it to the professional data recovery service company. You need to make sure that your “help” is not going to undertake any “recovery attempts”, such: open the hard drive, break the labels, run all sorts of testing utilities, swapping the printed circuit boards (PCB) and absolutely vulgar actions as: placing the drive in the fridge/freezer, or striking it to make spin, etc.



There are a few things you can try yourself before you’d go to the data recovery professionals. In the first signs of suspicious behavior of the hard drive in your machine, first and foremost:

  • shut the computer down and do not try to revive it, by restarting the machine (it’ll make only worse)
  • remove the drive from the machine (refer to manufacturer’s manual, or use our recommendations)
  • try the faulty disk as a slave, or in the external USB enclosure/frame ( $$20-50 in any computer shop)
  • if the hard drive is NOT detected by another machine disconnect immediately and send it to data recovery professional help
  • if the hard drive is detected by another machine, carefully copy your data onto its hard drive; if during the copying process the hard drive shows anything unusual, like starting producing ticking/clicking/grinding etc. sounds (any sounds); popping up with error messages, experiencing bad sectors, freezing, hanging etc. disconnect the drive immediately and send it to data recovery professional help



Do not repeat mistakes of the others and:

With any hard drive issues seek for a professional help, i.e. data recovery specialist. As only professional help can prevent the most terrifying thought of yours: not to see your data files ever again. Data-R-Us data recovery team is here and readt to help saving your data, put the rest to your mind and that is what we do, and that what we do the best, and that is because without you there would be no US.





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