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No questions will be asked if you are not satisfied with the recovery report. That is way better than saying "no data no charge". Because we really mean it.

Rescue Lost Files with Right Data Recovery Lab

When disaster of loosing data has struck the individual or business, there is no room for the panic and erroneous decisions. Where is the best shop for fixing the stuck or clicking hard drive and who can help to restore corrupted files? The wrong pick for help in repair your broken hard drive, ruined RAID, or just a memory stick – the consequences could lead to inevitable data loss. Don't let that take place, may we suggest a few pointers that actually might help to avoid at least the most common mistakes when it comes to choose.

Not Recovered? Not us! As at Data-R-Us we deliver even where many fail!

Data Recovery is a serious business for true specialists.

What is the Best Data Recovery Company for you?

Obviously, you need professionals who deliver all lost data back to you. We aim to make the process secure as much for data safety, as for your wallet - especially in these days of global financial crisis.
We present recovered data in the report, and you decide whether or not it’s worth getting it back. With Data-R-US you pay only for what you need. Yes, it is entirely up to you to draw a conclusion and decide to take the recovered data or leave it behind with no questions, no pressure, and no charge.

That's a very strict condition our data recovery engineers are bonded by, and that's why they struggle for each byte of data to be successfully recovered.
Let us work! That's why you can rest you mind through the whole process of data retrieving and delivering it back to your computer. In the meantime, you may always check up the data recovery status by logging in to your individual case.

The Choice is Always Yours

You can chose between firm price (flat rate service), or ask for an estimation. The estimation will take extra time for communication between the customers and us to make a deal for the ongoing recovery. Flat rate data recovery is service at firm default price listed on this website. When you choose firm price to pay for recovered data – we’ll start recovery immediately upon failed drive’s arrival to our lab. Also, you can choose between regular turnaround and emergency recovery services.

Data Recovery Process from Start to End

Follow a quick guidance on how to go through the whole data recovery process with confidence.



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Lost Data?

No Problem!
We can start from $180 only...

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