How Long does Data Recovery Process Take?

Data-R-Us data recovery lab runs non-stop 24/7. We never close.

Upon hard disk’s arrival the data recovery process begins right away.
Each and every hard drive gets scheduled for the data recovery process according to the service plan you’ve chosen. As well as we look at the new-arrived hard drives in the same day of its reception.

We provide Regular/Standard service for the customers who are not in the big rush and Emergency/Rush service for the customers in the hurry.

Our Regular/Standard service normally takes one week. The completion of most cases within 5-7 days of its reception time.

Our Emergency/Rush service normally takes – 2-3 days. Most rush cases are completed within 24-48 hours of its reception.

Data-R-Us data recovery lab runs non-stop 24/7. Even though, we never close some data recovery operations may be really time consuming, especially for the drives with a large capacity. For example, when a magnetic layer on the spinning platters is heavily damaged, we have to use special hardware and software tools to create the raw image of a faulty drive, by examining the low-level data sectors (magnetic force microscopy used to analyze the magnetic patterns stored on a crashed medium). This is then converted into readable data and being recovered on to a different media. For severely damaged devices, the imaging procedure alone may take up to few days of data recovery. After that, the software recovery specialists analyze, fix & recover data from raw images and put it onto storage hard drive.

Our goal is to recover and deliver your data back according to the terms you have selected the service for. However, rare cases involving of exceptional complexity might take an additional time before the process can be finalized. If after the hard drive has been evaluated we concluded that the job cannot be finished in the range of turnaround time given for the selected service our customer care service will get in touch with you explaining the details and providing an estimated deadline for the recovery finale.

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