10 Things NOT-TO-DO

Let's say it did happen and you are experiencing the data loss. Here are 10 things of what NOT–TO-DO if:

  • Your data is crucial for you
  • You really would like to see your data files again

Here it goes:

  1. Shut down the machine immediately
  2. Do not panic or rush
  3. Do not power on the hard drive, it may lead to further damage to the magnetic surfaces of drive's internal disk platters containing the data
  4. Do not call for a data recovery service at the local computer repair service; always seek for a professional data recovery firm
  5. If the failed hard disk drive in warranty and you are about to send it to manufacturer for an exchange or repair, first of all, hand you hard drive in for a data recovery as once your hard drive is repaired or exchanged your data will be irreversibly lost
  6. Never open hard drive by yourself or let it open any “help”, but the professional data recovery specialist
  7. Do not swap the electronic board (PCB – printed circuit board), even if you think the parts are identical and absolutely exchangeable. The failed drive must have all original parts for data recovery process, even when PCB is burned down
  8. Never try to recover data on your own. Do not run on faulty drive any disk utility, including data recovery software. This can often render recoverable data unrecoverable
  9. Never follow any data recovery “remedies” suggested online. Placing the drive in the refrigerator/freezer, shaking, striking and the like advices may kill it right there
  10. Do not allow to revive the drive and be particularly cautious, when your drive makes any unusual noises. Any clicking/ticking/grinding sounds mean that most likely your failed disk has an internal failure and develops an extra damage (nicks, scratches) each second to the surfaces of internal spinning

Do not repeat mistakes of the others and with any hard drive issues seek for a professional help, i.e. data recovery specialist.

As only professional help can prevent the most terrifying thought of yours: not to see your data files ever again.

Data-R-Us recovery team is here and ready to help saving your data, put the rest to your mind and that is what we do, and that what we do the best, and that is because without you there would be no US.

Few Successful Recoveries

Here, you can read some of the comments from Data-R-US customers: small, large business companies or people living near your home.

Nuh I. Milwaukee, WI USA: Hitachi HTS541680J9SA00

Laptop was dropped and laptop was not able to detect the hard drive (unable to boot laptop). Onsite computer technician confirmed that the hard drive was not spinning.
Thank you for the data recovery service you provided in cloning the drive.

Long Island, New York USA: Gateway PC

A quiet clicking sound was coming from the computer drive. I removed the disk sent it to computer expert for checking out, but no data could be saved. The HDD has all its original parts yet.
Thank you for outstanding results in restoration of every file from my bad computer.