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Florida Data Recovery

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» Jacksonville

Justin A. Jacksonville

Laptop had intermittent hard drive problems, tried to solve by software. Suspected virus, but not confirmed. Computer restart itself in the night, and when I saw it in the morning, OS not found was displayed. Tried several restart attempts, no ticking or clicking, but sometimes the drive would spin, sometimes not. Sometimes BIOS recognized, sometimes not. Power would sometimes go to it, well, you get the picture, sometimes not. I tried the drive in an exact model of another laptop, did the same thing. I tried to restore or view drive integrity using various freeware drive utilities, but as I did not have the experience in recovering, gave up fairly quickly. I'd like to get the drive cloned to a new hard drive enclosed, so it will boot.

Thank you very much for getting this completed so promptly, I never expected a reply so fast, you just made my day...

» Miami

Juan P. Miami

Not powering on at all. Computer gave me a blue screen, then after a couple of restarts, computer made a loud squeaking stopping noise. Turned it off, restarted and did it again. Took it to a local tech and said he could no recover data. He said that I will need to be taken to a clean room.

Thank you very much. It is a great pleasure to work with an honest, customer service oriented company; to do business with you guys. A+++++++

Christopher B. Data Clinic Inc. Miami

Power Failure/UPS Failure. Drive is spinning and recognized in BIOS but won't boot. Unrecognized partition found. Tried replacing Drive PCB, same problem.

Thanks for recovering our data, great services!

» Naples

Robert L. Franciscan Gardens Naples

System just would not boot; makes a loud sound.

Thanks guys for good news!!! Looks perfect...

» Tampa

William E. Tampa

Unable to boot; non-stop clicking sound. The hard drive is part of RAID0. The data is crucial.
The company IT specialist had a look at it, the software recovery drastically failed, then he suggested data recovery, the name of your company came up as the well-recommended from our associates.

Dear Sirs,
This is to confirm that we got a new hard drive with the data onto it and everything is there in the order. Our appreciation is beyond words, as there would be no way to reconstruct the data that we thought we lost. Please feel free to add this thanks to your web.

» Marathon in Monroe County

Dan G. Marathon

The drive is clicking; I took this to my local shop. They couldn't read from it with their tech stuff. They said I needed professional help. There may or may not have been a power failure or surge. Computer was on in a.m. and when I came home in p.m. had a screen message that it couldn't boot.

Dear Data Recoovery team, I can't tell you how happy I am that I send my damaged hard drive to you for recovery. In spite of the fact that I did not request speedy service, you had a report for me within two days of the time you received it. On top of that, you recovered everything! I popped it into the computer and everything was there. I also liked the fact that you published your prices up front. I don't like dealing with vague guesses as to recovery costs. In spite of the fact that I hope I never have to use your services again, you will be the first people I contact if I ever lose a hard drive again.

» Coral Gables in Miami-Dade County

Zenden Multimedia, Coral Gables

Drive is failed in OS. Hot swap incident. Circuit board fried, possible R/W head damage. Tested with new circuit board... Tested with new Firewire Enclosure... Tested with Desktop SATA connection... All tests failed to mount drive. Probable Head damage.

Drive with recovered data received. Data Copied and Duplicated x 2. Thank You Thank You Thank You, Nathan R.

Brendan McC., Coral Gables

The drive was hit by a virus or hacker attack. The OS stopped booting up. The student staff attempted to recover data and accidentally erased the FAT table. When I was called in, I could not find any data in the new FAT table. An fsck has been running for a week now and has returned thousands of errors. We have decided to pay for a professional service and are looking for one that can help us with this issue.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and recovering these data...

» Boca Raton in Palm Beach County

Pierre-Yves S., Boca Raton

The disk had difficulties been recognized at first - but was recognized with multiple reboot. Once rebooted, the system eventually froze. And now the disk cannot be mounted anymore.

...great, fast... perfect experience... THANKS

» Melbourne in Brevard County

William S., Melbourne


Thank you for all your help, I'm deeply grateful for your services...
Bill S.