Data-R-US recovers data for Canadians too!

Here, you can read some of the comments from Canadian clients.


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British Columbia Data Recovery

» Rosedale » Prince Rupert [Kaien Island]

» Rosedale

Buildworks Construction Inc, Rosedale

Some power failures; then after use of generator, this drive would make a whining noise every 10 seconds or so, but failed to start up. Computer technician could not get the hard drive to be recognized.

Perfect result. Than you for the recovered files and cloned HDD. Dirk K.

» Prince Rupert [Kaien Island]

David S. Prince Rupert

Got error message writing to drive. Reboot computer and got drive failure message on BIOS screen. Secondary master- Maxtor Calypso_YAR43KJ7
Tried viewing hard drive in friend's computer and it was inaccessible there also. Does not show up in my computer windows explorer or computer management interface.

Thank You